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How to choose your cosmetics

Finding the right make -up to wear for a natural look can be hard. The beauty aisle can be overwhelming due to the availability of so many over the counter products. Cosmetics are very effective if only the consumer knows what to look for. Do some homework on the product’s ingredients to make sure that they are safe for your skin. Skin characteristics may change significantly within a period of time making the change in the kind of cosmetic you choose. Looking natural requires some makeup application and skills too. Here are some tips on how to choose your cosmetics.

Consider your skin complexion

Getting a completely wrong color that is either too light or dark is not a wonder. This makes the cosmetics less eye-catching. Choose cosmetics that complement your skin type and minor flaws in your skin complexion will vanish. Deeper colors for eye shadow will be much  suitable for those with olive epidermis tone. Those who have pale skin ought for lighter shades eye makeup. People with the same skin color do not have the same skin tone since it largely depends on the genes. Cosmetics are meant for enhancing your look but not to overpower your skin tone.

Determine your skin tone

Skin tone is not your skin color but the color that is under your skin color which reflects against white. Your skin tone can be perfectly determined in natural light wearing something white and using a mirror to watch the reflection. There are only two basic skin tones warm and cool. Once you know your skin tone it’s much easier to select your cosmetics.

Know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is the most important thing before purchasing any skin care product. The basic facts you need to know here is whether your skin is dry, oily or sensitive. This has a great impact on how the product interacts with your skin. For example; if your skin is oily you should use an oil free primer before applying your makeup. You should avoid crèmes for eye shadow and creamy design lip pencils.

Consider quality cosmetics

Cheap makeup can slide on the skin. The quality cosmetic tends to get painful on the wallet but the results are worthwhile. Always go for high-quality cosmetics but not necessarily pricey. Buy from a reputable product line since they are the best bet and most likely safe and effective. It’s good to invest in yourself by getting quality cosmetics that appears great with your skin type.

Create a daily skin care routine

Repetition is the key to success with most skin care products. Having a daily routine is important for any chosen cosmetics but especially with creams. It may take long before seeing improvements with your chosen remedies but you should not be discouraged. If you have any doubt about the most appropriate skin care product to use don’t   hesitate to ask a dermatologist.

Facial cleanser choices

You should completely avoid harsh cleansers since they will possibly respond unfavorably along with your skin type. A water soluble facial cleanser is the best no matter the skin type since it’s mild on the epidermis.


For health purposes always read labels on product ingredients instead of relying on claims like organic or neutral. It’s good to opt for cosmetics that are fragrance –free or those that disclose their fragrance ingredients. The fragrance may contain hundreds of chemicals and hormone disrupting phthalates. We all have favorite makeup that’s why we should use resources like healthy living to rank the safety of the specific product.

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