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Key Spray Tanning Facts

With increased skin cancer risk associated to sunbathing, more people tend to prefer spray tanning. But spray tanning could be as dangerous as any other form of tanning. This is because the active ingredient used in these products affects the genes of the person using them (i.e. after the product is absorbed through the skin or breathed into the lungs). Once the chemical is in your lungs it’s distributed very easily throughout your body via the bloodstream. This exposes your many body cells to cancer causing agents. Here are some facts you didn’t know about spray tanning.

a.      It’s impossible to maintain a spray tan

It’s so unfortunate that you cannot maintain your spray tan like you do with your eye brows. You have to enjoy your tan for about one week before starting fresh. Spraying a new tan on old tan makes you look patchy that’s why you should remove the old one first.

b.     Not safe breath it

Most spray tanners are made from active ingredient known as DHA which is very harmful to human health. This chemical can easily damage the skin cells exposing you to cancer risk. Spray tan also contains bronzers and other chemicals that are not safe if inhaled on regular basis. While using a spray tan you should use protection to prevent inhaling the poisonous chemical into your lungs as this can really damage your body cells.

c.      You cannot go Alcohol free

In the list of ingredients alcohol is a common ingredient in most of spray tan. The liquid acts as a thinning agent but it makes your skin look extra dry. When purchasing a spray tanner be sure to check on the ingredient list to ensure that alcohol is not the main one. This is because finding a spray tan that is alcohol free is totally hard.

d.     Well ventilated room is the best

Since inhaling spray tan is a big threat to your health you should pick a salon strategically. Always choose a room with ventilation and a fan for sucking away any overspray. Ask your technician for a low pressure and low volume machine since it reduces the overspray inhaled. A well ventilated room allows circulation of the air thus no risk to your health.

e.      Spray tan is not a base tan

A spray tan has no effect on your body melanin which causes your body to tan naturally. While using a spray tan you should consider using a light weight sunscreen to prevent getting a burn. Always remember that a spray tan is just like any other tanning product out there so you should follow all the precaution for appealing results.

f.       Shave beforehand

Shaving immediately before your tanning session can cause skin irritation when tanning. It’s advisable to shave at least a day before a spray tan. Shaving is a way of exfoliating that exposes the new skin cells that are so sensitive and if the pigment in spray tan reacts with them it can cause serious redness.…

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