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The lesser known tanning benefits

Many people believe that a fine brown color shows how healthy you are!

That’s why so many people turn to the sun for a bronzed beach goddess look. Although excessive exposure to the sun has been named as a cancer risk, we all know that the sun is important to our health since it helps in many biological processes within our bodies. We all need the sun in order to live a healthy life. Scientists have taken a closer look at sunlight and they have exposed the lesser-known ultraviolet light benefits.

·        What is UV light?

I know there are some of us who really do not understand what UV light is. When talking about the dangers of sunlight exposure, we are precisely talking about UV light which is ionizing radiation. UV light is divided into three categories: UVA, UVB, and UVC. The UVC light is not as harmful as UVA which is the harmful. UVA light gets filtered by the ozone layer before it reaches us. This is to reduce the damaging effect of this light on our bodies.

·        UV light decreases blood pressure

Those people living in areas with less UV exposure have more cases of blood pressure than countries where sunlight is more. Clinical research findings show that UVB radiation treats mild hypertension patients. Much exposure to UV light during summer will result to lower blood pressure. Most scientists thought that vitamin D entirely caused decreased blood pressure but latest clinical trials proved that the effect was due to UVB exposure alone.

·        UV light decreases inflammation

UV light causes chemical reactions that have anti-inflammatory effects in the skin. Exposure to UV radiation can cause the immune cells living in the skin to stop functioning or undergo death. Since UV light has anti-inflammatory effects it can treat inflammatory skin conditions like eczema.

·        Protection against autoimmune conditions

Auto immune conditions are very common in countries with less UV exposure. There are many cases of multiple sclerosis in such countries .Lack of Vitamin D is the leading hypothesis for how multiple sclerosis develops. Minimal or total lack of sun exposure is an independent risk factor for nerve damage. In multiple sclerosis the immune cells attacks the areas around nerve cells in the brain leading to nerve damage.

·        It decreases cancer mortality

Research suggests that sun exposure can decrease the risk of developing prostrate, pancreatic and lung cancer. Studies suggest that the risk associated with sun exposure can be outweighed due to the sun ability to prevent several internal cancers. Scientist’s state that the number of patients diagnosed in summer is better than those diagnosed in winter. It’s now clear that vitamin D does not play any role in cancer prevention. Researcher has confirmed that UV radiation provides the protective effect against cancer.


UV exposure does not only have negative effect on our body but also the positive ones. Sun is the main source of vitamin D .Vitamin D helps in maintaining bone density by increasing calcium absorption in the gut and improving muscle strength in elderly.…

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