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Tanning tips for beginners

The skin has special cells known as melanocytes that produce a skin pigment known as melanin. Melanin protects your skin cells from ultraviolet rays damage through a process known as tanning. Tanning beds stimulate melanocytes within your skin to give the ideal brown glow. Here are the tips to get that beautiful glow.

  1. Apply Aloe before lotion

Aloe Vera is a natural skin moisturizer and it protects your skin from  sunburn. It provides the body with moisture before lying inside the tanning bed. Aloe can also be used for post-tanning in case of a burn since it cools the body from the excess heat absorbed through your tanning session. It also furnishes the body with nutrition.

  1. Remove make ups and deodorant

Deodorant and make-up blocks the sun from  fully reaching the skin to tan. By removing all makeup and deodorant you get a lavish tan on your armpit areas and the face. This gives you the glow you have been wishing for.

  1. Choose Your Lotion

It’s very important to choose a lotion that suits you before any  tanning process. There are two types of lotions bronzer and accelerator. The accelerator gives the tanning process a boost. You should apply the bronzer all over the body to get a full tan effect. Always be cautious around the folds and crevices of the skin because bronzer builds up faster and it can cause side effects.

  1. Consider Time

After the above steps, you ready to begin your tanning session. If you are a beginner only go for about five minutes.This seems like  a short time but its effective to avoid burning and build up the tan properly.

  1. Expose certain areas slowly

Some parts of our body rarely see the light. These areas should be exposed slowly to prevent burning. You may cover up these areas for the first half of your tanning session to build up a tolerance and avoid rapid burn-tan. This helps in maintaining tawny glow all throughout your body.

  1. Do wash off lotion and Aloe immediately

For a long lasting and beautiful tawny glow, don’t wash off your tanning lotion or Aloe Vera immediately. Your skin is still processing the tan effect from ultraviolet rays. This will allow your skin to replenish itself from the ultraviolet rays and dry out melanocytes from tanning.


The above tanning tips will see you through your first tanning session. You should follow all the above-given procedures in order to get the perfect glow you wish for. Use the tanning lotion as directed to prevent skin damage and burning.

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